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PDF EXTERMINATING. 24 hours service!

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Expert exterminators

Best service in the area since 1994

Don't let mice get you down

Take care of your rodent problem today

You can rely on PDF Finest Pest Management to provide you with a detailed and thorough inspection and treatment program. Our trained staff will conduct the inspection in order to eliminate the mice within your home, but to help prevent future infestations. Give us a call today to learn more.

Problems caused by rodents

Dependable and prompt service

- Infest your home

- Contaminate your food, counters, and more

- Spread diseases

- Gnaw on wood

- Reproduce quickly

Take care of your rodent infestation or problem right away before it turns into an even bigger problem. Rodents can spread a variety of diseases and will contaminate your food, clothing, counters, and more. Let our skilled technicians at PDF Finest Pest Management provide you with fast and affordable service.


Our goal is to help you eliminate rodents for good and to prevent them from a new infestation.

Locally-owned and operated and serving the five Boroughs area including Nassau and Suffolk since 1994!

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